It’s been a week since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been vanished with 239 people on board..

Honestly, I still can’t get it off my mind until today as there are no official words yet to confirm where actually it is and it’s such a mystery until now..

Some sources said it could be terrorism, sabotage, hijacking, pilot error or accident with no real prove yet..

I personally think it could have been hijacked. As I read in some sources, aviation experts said that the aircraft model Boeing 777-200 is an advanced aircraft which is impossible to just lose communication and disappear without giving time for the pilot to send emergency signals to Subang control power.

Another theory, which supports what I though, is the pilot might switched off all the communication systems then flew the plane at a low altitude to avoid detection by the radar. The chosen flight time was in the midnight where the darkness would slow down any quick response to mount a search and rescue operation. *makes sense, isn’t it? but why? he was forced to do that or something?*

It might landed somewhere OR ELSE all functions had failed after that, which might caused the accident somewhere in the ocean? It’s also possible but we still don’t know the truth.. and the hope is still there..

But when I read one article about some facts about the plane it mentioned that hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply disappear from the radar as the ground radar, called passive radar, can still track the location of the aircraft. Is it true? Somehow, I still assume it has been hijacked.

Then, I was wondering about another possibility as well, such as, is there any personal issue between the Pilots themselves and the other party? Until today, some sources that I read -to answer my wonder- mentioned that the Police have said they are looking at the Pilots psychological background, their family life and connections as a line into what happened to the flight and there is no evidence which is linking them to any wrong doing.

Strange, isn’t it?

For now, the world is still doing their best in searching for you, MH370.. Hang on.. With this blog, I hope all the family, the life partners and the good friends of those in the plane are given the strength to face this and keep praying. Sometimes, miracle does exist 🙂

They are doing their best in searching for you, MH370. *Photo taken from:

They are doing their best in searching for you, MH370.
Photo taken from:

And the last but not least, I hope media doesn’t simply rush to publish the unsure information about it with no real evidence which only giving more depression to those who are left by the people inside the plane..

Dear MH370,

The whole world is searching for you..

Your loved ones need you to come back… and we all care about you.. please hang on..