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Road Trip to Unspoilt Beauty in the North Shore of Bali

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck


It has been almost four years I live on this magnificent island and it’s actually the first time I’ve gone to Lovina, North Bali. The idea just randomly came into my mind during Galungan & Kuningan celebration holiday as I think I’ve been to most of the places & most of the attraction spots on this island except Lovina beach.

Lovina beach is well known for its dolphin attraction. It’s located in the north Bali and it’s a very quite area. Unlike Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Ubud or Uluwatu and so on which offer many entertainments for the visitors these days. In Lovina, most of the people come for a visit to see the dolphin attraction in the morning. Besides that, only couple of restaurants, traditional markets and accommodations. We decided to stay there for one night to experience the area apart from the dolphin attraction itself.

Usually, tourists will get into the boat, go to the middle of the ocean and watch some groups of dolphins swimming and jumping freely in the morning. Lovina took us about more less 3h by a car from Seminyak area. Since at that time we planned to do a road trip and took the trip more enjoyable by having brunch at Ubud first, that’s why the journey took longer with the different/ further route.


It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you. That’s absolutely true. I have my mum & one of my good friends, Beverly, with me 🙂 Best travel companion ever!

We went to Karsa Cafe for the brunch. It’s a lovely cafe set by the rice field with soothing ambiance at Campuhan Ridge Walk – Ubud which offers various Indonesian and Western dishes.

I am actually so thankful to technology these days, especially to Waze, the navigation app on my phone that I depend on wherever I travel far and it has always been taking me to the right direction with some interesting uncommon shortcut at times.

With zero idea about the road and where Waze leads us to the fastest & closest distance to Lovina from Ubud, we’ve pretty much witnessed plenty of interesting things along the way. Yes, we were amazed and enjoyed it!

There are so many soothing greeny fruits plantations along the way with the street which mostly decorated by penjor – The tall & curved bamboo pole decorated with coconut leaves with an offering at the base. It is one of the media used by Hindus in Bali as part of almost every important ceremony like that time, Galungan celebration.


“Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.” — Lawrence Block

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Lawrence Block is actually right. We stumbled upon this Kintamani volcano view from a far in the middle of the way. We stopped by for some times and enjoyed the moment here. We were actually glad to have gone to Ubud first eventho the road took longer at the end. If we didn’t come from Ubud, we wouldn’t have witnessed this majestic view!

This volcano referred to as Kintamani volcano or Mount Batur as a whole, a popular sightseeing destination in Bali’s central highlands. The magnificent views of the 13sqm Batur caldera lake is the main attraction (1,500 above sea level) and it is surrounded by the captivating Mount Batur range. Very interesting spot to visit!

Allright, continue to our main destination, Lovina! It took us around 1.5hours from where we stood before. Once we reached Lovina, I did the massage *felt like heaven!*, booked our trip to see the dolphin in the morning (it’s IDR 100,000 nett/person for the boat and our captain). The boat is very small. It only fits for 4-5 people maximum.


I & Beverly doing massage by the pool

We departed at 6am in the morning from the beach and we were pretty amazed with north Bali view. Very stunning! It was also because I’ve been seeing sunsets most of the time, so this time I’ve got the chance to witness the sunrise after a long time (I guess last time was during my trekking activity in Candidasa two years ago, oh well) so it’s kinda special.




The dolphins!

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Boats, saltwater & sunshine!

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“Smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.” -Van Morrison


Me & mum. She’s always been afraid of the ocean but I was acting like I’ve forgotten about it 😀 So I am pretty happy that she has actually nailed it! Yay!!

Despite the fact that I was glad and amazed to see the dolphins, I was actually kinda sad too. I feel bad to the dolphins that they might feel insecure when some boats come closer by the time they appear to the surface. I do really hope that the dolphins will keep staying at the same spots next time I come again for the second visit.

If you are a nature enthusiast and need some different experiences whilst in Bali – apart from night outs, Michelin stars culinary experiences & entertainments, I think you should take some days to visit places like these. It’s worth it!


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Lovely Asian Meals Offered Between the Lovely Paddy Field

Pamper Your Eyes by Seeing the Beauty of Paddy Field Whilst Having the Lovely Asian Foods – Thai Tom Yum, Malaysian Curries, Seafoods and Many More..


So here it is.. the place that can makes you relax whilst enjoying the scenery of fresh and green rice field and listening to some jazz & chill-out music offered by Warung HOtei. Located in Kerobokan, Bali, it is one of the simple and beautiful restaurants which worth a try.

They open from breakfast until dinner and offer the variety of Asian foods- Malaysian laksa, Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai tom yum goong, seafood, fried rice, etc until sandwiches, fresh salads, grilled beef and many more. You can go there not only for the foods but also for the tea time or having some coffee for your peaceful late afternoon..

You should try their desserts as well. My recommendation is their HOtei Toblerone Cheese Cake. It’s so delicious! And also, another positive comment that I would give for this restaurant is the service. Those fast response people over there always ready to assist you when you need anything. That’s always my main consideration in reviewing restaurants or thinking to come back to one restaurant. The service is number one. As I mentioned before in my previous blog, no matter how great the restaurant is, if the service is poor, I definitely won’t come back..

I came to this restaurant some times with friends, boyfriend or even alone with my laptop when I need to do some works! With the fast internet connection and cozy atmosphere, it helps me a lot to focus doing my work. This is the type of small restaurant which make me feel really homie and I am sure you will love it as well..

The daily promotion which keeps changing.

The daily promotion which keeps changing 🙂

The back seats overlooking the rice paddy.

The outdoor back seats overlooking the rice paddy.

The umbrellas are there to protect you from the sun.

The umbrellas are there to protect you from the sun.

My fave seats in the afternoon.

My fave seats in the afternoon.

Simple, cozy and homie.

Simple, cozy and homie.

Island Outfit

Find and express yourself by getting lost in the paradise on earth!

The chic outfit which is not too much for your beaching time!


Living an island life, apart from the office outfit to go for work, is pretty much simple. Such as for the ladies, you get your pretty slippers on, little simple dresses, put the shorts and the tank top on, then smile and yes you are accepted everywhere! For me personally, for the daily life, I always don’t wanna look too much but at the same time I try not to look too plain as well.

There are many casual stylish boutiques around Bali but for some reasons I am so in love with the boutique called Lost in Paradise which spreads around Seminyak and Legian. They offer some vintage style, classic, retro, casual stylish and it’s always up to date! The clothes are mostly made by the real cotton which is very comfy to wear for both men and women. They offer various kind of tops, shorts, long pants, bags, cute accessories and fashionable sunglasses as well. Even what they offer is mostly casual, but they also have the collection of some formal outfits, depends on the occassion that you are going to attend! I bought some of their collection and all of them are quite last for long! It’s really worth the money with such quality.

The price range starts from around IDR 300,000 and above. It is not cheap yet not too expensive either. This shop is definitely worth it to be added into your list when you are in Bali! Are you ready to explore some beaches with the charming look? or planning to go to a beach party tonite? Here is the answer before you go..

Various of chic outfit that you can find.

Various of chic outfit.

Stylish men outfit.

Stylish men outfit.

Some ladies accessories that they offer.

Some ladies accessories that they offer.

Options of sunglasses depend on your personality.

Options of sunglasses depend on your personality.

What they put on the wall.

What they put on the wall.

Their attractive vintage lights that catch my attention!

Their attractive vintage lights that catch my attention!

Their logo to let you know that the perfect summer is here!

Their logo to let you know that the perfect summer is here!

photo 5

All is here!

Man-Made Specials, My Bali Exploration

The “Little House” That Really Makes You Feel Like Home

The colors, the walls, the tile pattern on their semi-open terrace overlooking the main road, the homie decoration and everything lovely in a simple way that you can only find in La Casseta Italian Restaurant (meaning The Little House in Italian) which makes you don’t feel like living in Bali for a moment..

Owned by an Italian and specialized in Italian foods, you can imagine how pure the taste they offer with the authentic food 3(1)

Onetime, we found this place for the first time by a chance, when we drove by Umalas area. We thought we won’t find anything special around here since this area mostly surrounded by villas, mini markets and food stalls. After a while, we saw this cute restaurant and we thought that we had to go there to check it out. And as our feeling was telling us at the first time we saw this restaurant, we ended up felt the satisfaction! The foods and everything met our expectation! No regret! This is one of the restaurants that make us come back for more and tell our friends. The lovely restaurant itself, the foods and the great location with tranquil ambience.

I don’t think many people have already known this place as the location is kinda secluded, unless those who are already living here for some times and familiar with Bali roads. And this is what I like to do, explore the unexplored and share it to you..Meaning: The Little House

The fantastic foods, the lovely dessert, the good service, all is rolled into one in this restaurant! Besides the delicious pizza, fresh salad and carbonara that I’ve tried before, my recommendation is their dessert, Panna cotta with strawberry topping.. It tastes like heaven! So, buon appetito from Island of the Gods…

Panna cotta with the strawberry on top. Perfection.

Panna cotta with the strawberry on top. Perfection.

A good dessert and homie ambience.

A good dessert and the homie ambience.

Italian style tile patterns. Simply lovely.

Italian style tile patterns. Simply lovely and unique.

You should try it.

The homie restaurant that’s totally worth a try.

Excuse me for this. But this place is just too lovely to miss the photo capture!

Excuse me for this. But this place is just too lovely to miss the photo session!

Man-Made Specials, My Bali Exploration

The Essence of True Hospitality

photo 1(1)

“Eat Fresh Live Well” are the words that you will see once you step your feet on this lovely Watercress Bali . As the motto that is shown above, you can imagine what kind of the food & beverages they offer. Owned by a French guy who grew up in Australia, Watercress provides a simple and comfy restaurant & cafe with the casual ambience that will make you wanna stay for the whole day. At the dinner time, they transform to be a semi fine-dining restaurant athmosphere with some delectable dinner menu offered that you shouldn’t miss as well.

Situated in peaceful place, Batu Belig Seminyak, Watercress is a perfect place for you to have either a coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Accompanied by the chillin’ songs like Just Breath by Telepopmusic, Porcelain by Moby, Sheryl Crow’s songs collection, my favorite song Hold On We’re Going Home by Drake and so on.. It will make you feel like there is no need to use the earphone to listen to your own songs while doing some of your works here!

They offer various kind of salads, croissant, sandwiches, vegan menu, Indonesians, some grilled meats and seafood, burger options, plenty of interesting mixed healthy juices, smoothies, latte and many more that you don’t want to miss..

My biggest highlight, besides the ambience, in this restaurant is the service. Just amazing! The people are friendly, from the owner to all the staff.. The waitresses are always stand by for you whenever you need anything.. For me personally, let’s say, even if I was in the most fancy restaurant but if the service is poor, it will make me totally off and will never come back. But here..the service is fantastic. I believe you will love it too..

photo 3(1)

With its semi-open style area overlooking the lush garden at the back, it makes me really in love with the atmosphere.. I went there some times either for the breakfast or just hanging out and enjoying their latte.. And yes, it is also a perfect place for me whenever I need some inspiration in doing my writing works.. (as a PR practitioner in the company, 65% of my work is all about writing).

photo 3photo (3)

Yes! Here is my favorite seat, in the corner right next to the window overlooking the lush green garden.. Sit and feel the breeze from the outside.. Simply perfect!

photo 1photo 2(1)

And..this what happens when Love is in the Air is getting dull 😀


This is another words that I love as well over here.. For a person who loves some adventures like me, yes I need some excitement by going to new places from time to time..

photo 2

So, tempted to try Watercress? I bet you are 🙂

My Bali Exploration, Nature Specials

The Magnificence of Eastern Bali!

“Hiking is Like Weight Loss, It’s Hard to Get Started & It’s Bumpy Along the Way. But Once You Reach the Top, You’ll Never Regret the Journey.” – Unknown

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About 400m Away from Old Man’s Beach and Here You Are!

“Been passing by this place a lot when going surfing in Old Man’s and fell in love with its comfort..”

photo (2)

Yes as you are able to see the name, it is Roti Canai Street Kitchen & Dining Room. Located in the peaceful Canggu, the same way to go to Batu Bolong Beach/ Old Man’s. They offers delicious skewers, all kind of delectable canai (reminds me of KL so much) and various kind of Teh Tarik (the Malaysian term for milk tea). There is a surf shop above it as well called Flow & Yonder. Overall, this place is definitely worth for a visit!DSC03279DSC03280photo 4photo 5

And a few step upstairs, here is Flow & Yonder. A surf shop which offers some cute and nice stuff that you might don’t find that easy around Bali, such as few brands of bikinis and accessories made by some expat designers who live in 1

And also … I found one of my favorite quotes here by Jonatan Mårtenssonphoto (1)

I always apply the quote above into my personal life, sometimes there are circumstances that don’t go our way and we can’t change it but we can always adapt & live with it and choose to be happy. That is why, some people think I am living a good life since they always see me happy.. But hey, sit for a bit and think about it, I am not living a dream life, it is just simply my decision.. I choose happiness over sorrow and I hope you doin’ the same 🙂

photo 2canggu

Look at this view! Stunning, isn’t it? Very calm and peaceful. And Yes, the scooter is mine! You have no idea how long it took me to finally able to ride a scooter. Over 5 months I think.. Brought my car all the way from Jakarta to here ‘coz I was hopeless that time about riding a bike.. but since then.. I prefer to go anywhere by this scooter.. Feeling scared riding it? Not at all! ‘Coz this is how we roll in Bali!