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A warning for all of us while scuba diving

“Mostly missing female divers were already found” said a colleague just now during the lunch time who is in charge for Nusa Lembongan activities. *but don’t get it wrong, the company who took those divers is NOT us 🙂 *

Going scuba diving is very fun! As an Advance Diver myself, I would love to advise you a little bit; make sure you check the current condition – you can ask the people around first and Mr. Google is quite informative as well, you should book it in the recognized Dive Center who has some professional guides (based on my own experience, the proper Dive Center will advise you where to dive on that day ‘coz they are always updated with the weather and current condition) and please..always listen to what your guide tell you and the last but not least, keep watching and following where your instructor goes especially when you are not familiar with the area at all, even if you are, remember the current might be coming anytime and you never know another unpredictable circumstances down there. That is why, it is really important to be with a professional guide who knows the area by heart while scuba diving.

Let’s say, this case wasn’t everybody’s fault. This fatal accident is a warning for all of us to be more careful when we go scuba diving. If you are not really sure or getting confused to go diving or not because of the unsupportive weather condition, it’s better to postpone it than to regret about it. However, it’s better to miss a chance than miss all the chance in your life because of the psychological trauma if anything happen, rite? Through this blog, I really hope everyone can be saved.. Let’s pray for them..