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6 Lessons from Nature to Inspire Our Daily Life


The surf tour at Mermaids’ Beach, Great Ocean Road, Vic, Australia

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery; air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Thinking about what has been going on in my life, I would say that one of the best teachers to encourage me through the life journey, all the circumstances & twist paths is mostly the moment that took place in nature.

Went surfing in many wonderful spots around Bali and a few in Australia, went scuba diving in some spots around Indonesia, strolling the beaches in Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, went trekking with beautiful surroundings in Indonesia and Japan, all of them have left me feeling re-charged, happier, confident, balanced yet humble and tiny.

We all learn by exploring things on our own, reading stuff, receiving formal instructions from some experienced people and observing others. By interacting with others provides experiences that make us think, wonder, ask questions & grow.

But there is another powerful entity that can teach us how to live a more meaningful life. It’s the natural world. Not only to be able to observe and being amazed with what nature can offer to our eyes & soul, but it also can offer lessons for basic living about how to be calm and how to find balance during the life circumstances.

The problem these days is, since we have been occupied a lot with regular jobs that take most of our time and leave us tired & just wanted to do nothing for the rest of the free time, technology & pursuit things in the material world, we have forgotten that the world is out there to teach us.

We apparently don’t spend as much time outdoors as previous generations did. According to one of the surveys that I’ve read from , three-quarters of UK children spend less time outside, lack of green spaces and the lure of digital technology is leading youngsters to lead enclosed lives.

Here are some lessons I have observed from spending a lot of time outdoors;

Lesson #1 : We are very tiny & living in an unpredictable world. So let’s be humble. 


Location: Rinca Island, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

When we reach the top of the hills or mountains, we notice that we are so tiny on this earth and the world is so big. Knowing that we can not do anything when natural disaster occurs as mother earth is very powerful. I have also learnt that not all questions have an answer. Anything could happen anytime, anywhere to anyone.

There are new challenges awaiting us around every single corner. All we can do is keep moving forward and do our best in every situation that occurs.

Lesson #2: We can’t control the situation but we can control ourselves and pick which ones to allow to get inside us. We learn how patience & persistence lead us to a better life.


Location: Old Man’s Beach, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

During surfing, we can not stop the waves from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf. When we are impatient & want everything to happen fast, we decide to surf the random wave which comes first. We might be able to ride it but it won’t be amazing, won’t be that smooth and it may leaves us feel disappointed and get tired at the end.

On the other hand, if we are trying to be patient, keep paddling persistently and wait until one of the best waves come, it will give us a different result. We may wait a little longer and when it finally comes, we paddle hard, catch it and there you go! Ride it out, it’s all yours and leaves you pleased and satisfied at the end. Sounds familiar with the real world? Yes I bet 🙂 We learn to persist, be patient & focus in order to reach our desire and final goal.

Lesson #3: Nothing stays the same/ Nothing is permanent yet embrace the changes.


Location: Man-made Underwater Temples, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

I can correlate the real life with scuba diving activity. Why I choose to relate it with my scuba diving sesh? Well, I have learnt about unpredictable life during these sessions. Let’s take a look from the simplest case, I have gone diving to the same spots like twice or three times. Yes, it shows the same corals, same situations but different fishes and different look of the sea plants.

I couldn’t predict what fishes I was going to meet, will they be good looking? worth seeing? I might meet my favorite fishes such as clownfish, butterflyfish, sunfish, surgeonfish, lionfish, shark and so on. I also might won’t see them all but I may witness another fishes which offer the better look that I can’t even imagine before. And the worst scenario, I won’t see anything at all but just some regular small fishes.

Same as life, when we want something and putting our mind into it, we hope for the best, do our best and let the universe handle the rest. We nevertheless need to prepare and be ready to accept the worst case that may occurs. And also we often experience things which better than our original plans/ expectations.

So don’t worry that some days in your life might seem all over the place, you’ve tried this and that but nothing concrete to see yet as the result. That you feel uncertain between careers, relationship, future and everything. Nothing is permanent neither problems in your life as you will find the answer along the way. It’s the model given us by nature. Drink it down, gulp it up, ride it out! Things will get better eventually as long you don’t stop trying and keep the faith.

Lesson #4: Sense of direction.


Island hopping in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

It is very easy to get lost in the beautiful outdoors. Nature will teach you to hold the clear images in your mind & keep track of where you are going. An example, we need to remember the sign, such as plants or building, right at the spot we enter the ocean to surf or to swim so we know where we will head back to the shore. As we know, once we enter the ocean, the strong current may drag us to another spot without we notice it. If that happens, we won’t be worry as we know where we come from.

Same as life, we need to be totally aware about who we are and where we come from. Once the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind or anything that may come near us, we don’t get easily influenced/ changed by the outside force as we know the way back to where we came from.

Lesson #5: There is a season and a right timing in everything.


Location: Yarra Valley Winery, Victoria, Australia during Autumn

Nature never gives up to teach us there is a season and the right timing in everything. Sometimes in our life we want some certain things to happen fast right now. It is hard to wait a little longer for the outcome of our actions that we’ve been making and we expect results immediately.

But the really good things in life are not like our morning instant coffee! They take time, patience, persistence and efforts. In mother nature’s natural cycles, hot & light summer is followed by the chill & colorful changes autumn and cold of winter is followed by the blossoming beauty of spring. There is a season and a reason for everything in life.

If we did not have the cold winter, the wheat wouldn’t be able to grow strong. The seeds planted beneath the soil lie waiting patiently to flourish in the right season. By following the example of mother nature’s timing, we increase our own capacity to be patient. All good things come with time. There is the right and special time in our own life for every moment and achievement. Start the action and don’t stop believing!

Lesson #6: Love is all around us & every ending can often be beautiful.


Location: Bingin Beach, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

When you wake up in the morning, go outside with a sense of appreciation for all you have been blessed with, take a walk, practice quieting the mind, focusing on your breath and really pausing to smell the ocean, stop by the stunning rice fields, if a bird catches your eyes, stop and enjoy the connection with the animal, experience the depth & the calm of the blue ocean, feel the wind blows the chilling breeze on our face and you will realise there is so much beauty & so much love all around us, even from the simple things in our environment.

By simply taking the time to appreciate nature, we will learn to love the world around us. When we allow ourselves to feel love for life itself, it opens up our heart to loving ourselves and others as well.

Even though the outdoors is not always a comfortable place, but when you can find a deeper comfort that comes from inside you, you’ll be able to feel home even in the rough wilderness. And at the end of the day, when the stunning sunset shows up during golden hours to leave us feeling amazed & grateful, it teaches us that every ending can often be beautiful.

So, the conclusion is, nature is my best teacher of life when I pay attention to it carefully. Just try to do the same and see how it slowly changes your life..

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I am back, Blog World!

It’s been ages.. I know. I can’t even imagine how time flies this fast as I saw my last post was on 3rd of July last year! Well, so many things have been happening (of course! what do you expect what’s been going on for almost a year). Laughter and tears, ups and downs, but what’s the most important thing is I take every single thing that has happened as a lesson to be a better person.

Let me share a little bit what happened with my personal life as it was the biggest change for me in last year. Sadly, I had to break up with my 2 years ex-bf last year. I know, middle of 2014 was one of the hardest moments for me but at the same time, that was the best decision for both of us and we amazingly turned out to be so much better as friends. We knew we were horrible as a couple since our expectation towards each other was always hard to meet plus some fundamental difference issues.

Yoga keeps you balance!

Yoga keeps you balance.

Since then, most of my world is mostly about work (I’ve been enjoying it so much as it’s my passion too!), girl friends, hang out, socializing and networking, trips around the island and exercise. I kept myself busy and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into my consciousness.

Oh ya.. Did I tell you this? Not so long after my break up, I’ve got a promotion at work – a new challenge for me to keep me excited everyday. Besides that, the connection between I and some friends are getting stronger as I spend more time with them, I have some amazing work mates in general at the office and another countless blessing!



Surfing makes me happy.

These two ladies are such   a gift from heaven.

More time & more connection with friends.

Housemates, Weekendmates, Second Family.

Housemates & Weekendmates.

From these life lessons, I started to believe that when we lose something, the universe will give us another great thing, or even better, to replace it. Even the romance fortune is not on my side this time, I believe it will come when its time.

The most important thing is, keep seeing the positive side in everything. Embrace every moment with open arms, open heart and open mind. Believe in good karma and universe’s rules, what you give is what you get in return. You will be fine 🙂

From Bali with Love.


The World Through My Eyes

Using Facebook and Tripadvisor to Increase Hotel Revenue

As a hotelier myself.. I think this article will help..

Decorative Art for Hotels

Today, the majority of hotel bookings are, in some way, influenced by the hotel’s online presence and reputation. While this is standard knowledge, among the variety of online mediums, the most discussed tool for hotel success is social media. Every blog post, magazine article and website entry regarding hotel marketing strategies mentions social media.

Social Media Increase Hotel Revenue

Yet, to date, there is no evidence that using social media as a primary marketing tool increases hotel revenue. Therefore, the debate is whether to spend the amount of time and effort necessary to learn how to compete on these channels or to wait for evidence that this strategy is worth the trouble demonstrated by increased revenue. However, if hoteliers are prepared to commit to using these new marketing channels and integrate them into an overall marketing plan, the rewards will soon become evident.

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The World Through My Eyes

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort – Jane Austen

Reminiscing my last trip to Jakarta, 4th – 10th of March 2014.. Visiting my parents, for my mom’s birthday, meeting my good old friends, visiting few new places.. 6 days of changes were good enough to refresh my mind..

But here is what happened behind that fun trip overall.. After I’ve got use to living alone most of the time since 2005, being totally independent, doing anything with the responsibilities all on my own, makes me a little bit difficult to had to stay with my parents again. Of course I do miss them so much but honestly some times it was just kinda irritating by being asked many stuff such as why I go out a lot with my friends (in fact I only went out with my friends for 2 times during my 6 days in Jakarta), why I didn’t spend all my time with my parents during my trip until being asked about my near future plans many times which left me nothing but high pressure and I have to face it no matter what..

I know I should be more understanding and more mature in facing it and actually yes I felt I was better in handling that situation compared to my previous visits. I keep imagining maybe one day if I had kids, I think I would do the same without I noticed it..Who knows.. As I realized that’s just because they really love you and worried so much about you without realizing it became the pressure for the kids..

At the end, I always keep in mind that parents, all over the world, only want what’s best for their kids and they work so hard for their children to reach their goals and dreams. And nobody loves you more than your parents do.. No matter how much your life partner loves you, nothing compared to parents’ love. It is true. And regardless how old you are, you will always be the kids on your parents’ eyes..

No matter how I love my life in Bali at the moment, I will keep visiting my parents regularly at least once a year. Yes we argue sometimes, especially I and my mom, but hey I think it is something normal as long we solve it and we are totally good after that. I think it only caused by the generation and culture gap but we know very well that we love each other.

During this trip, I was quite glad, since my dad became the commissioner in his company, he doesn’t need to go to the office everyday which makes him having more time to do his hobbies. His hobbies are pretty much unique. Last time he had lobster farms at home, then switched to created some mats by plants and now producing plants fertilizers.. What a unique family I have which I am really glad to have them as my parents.

Let me introduce you to my happy mom, my dad and my mermaid Ariel..

Let me introduce you to my happy mom, my dad and excuse me about my Ariel, the mermaid 😛

Completed family. Dad, Elder brother, mom and me back in 2010.

Meet the family. Dad, elder brother, Mom and me back in 2010.

Dad, Mom and me in 1993.

Dad, Mom and me in 1993.

Another picture of Dad, Mom and me, 17 years after the picture above :)

Another picture of Dad, Mom and me, 20 years after the picture above 🙂

On Friday night and Sunday afternoon I went out meeting with some close friends that I knew back in KL. We were pretty much knowing each other’s histories and now most of them are already back in Jakarta and working there.

Those were an exciting Friday night and a beautiful Sunday to meet all of them and I realize that we all have various directions of life and different fates now whereas couple of years ago we were all still the same..University students who lived in student apartments with the money pockets given by our parents to be spent smartly if we didn’t want to suffer at the end of the month. Haha..

Now, one is getting married in the middle of the year and is really happy, one has finally settled with a good boyfriend who is treating her well, ones are still searching for “the one”, one has already moved on from the ex, one is focusing so much on her career and doesn’t want to think about men at the moment, one is still worried with the religion issue with the boyfriend, one has chosen to be a strong single mom as it’s the best decision for her and I am really happy for having them 🙂

Good friends who are close in my heart.

Good friends who are close in my heart.

6 days seemed too short but it was already good enough since I also couldn’t leave my office longer than that.. Now I am glad for being back in Bali but honestly I still miss my parents and it is a normal feeling I guess..

There is nothin…


It’s been a week since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been vanished with 239 people on board..

Honestly, I still can’t get it off my mind until today as there are no official words yet to confirm where actually it is and it’s such a mystery until now..

Some sources said it could be terrorism, sabotage, hijacking, pilot error or accident with no real prove yet..

I personally think it could have been hijacked. As I read in some sources, aviation experts said that the aircraft model Boeing 777-200 is an advanced aircraft which is impossible to just lose communication and disappear without giving time for the pilot to send emergency signals to Subang control power.

Another theory, which supports what I though, is the pilot might switched off all the communication systems then flew the plane at a low altitude to avoid detection by the radar. The chosen flight time was in the midnight where the darkness would slow down any quick response to mount a search and rescue operation. *makes sense, isn’t it? but why? he was forced to do that or something?*

It might landed somewhere OR ELSE all functions had failed after that, which might caused the accident somewhere in the ocean? It’s also possible but we still don’t know the truth.. and the hope is still there..

But when I read one article about some facts about the plane it mentioned that hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply disappear from the radar as the ground radar, called passive radar, can still track the location of the aircraft. Is it true? Somehow, I still assume it has been hijacked.

Then, I was wondering about another possibility as well, such as, is there any personal issue between the Pilots themselves and the other party? Until today, some sources that I read -to answer my wonder- mentioned that the Police have said they are looking at the Pilots psychological background, their family life and connections as a line into what happened to the flight and there is no evidence which is linking them to any wrong doing.

Strange, isn’t it?

For now, the world is still doing their best in searching for you, MH370.. Hang on.. With this blog, I hope all the family, the life partners and the good friends of those in the plane are given the strength to face this and keep praying. Sometimes, miracle does exist 🙂

They are doing their best in searching for you, MH370. *Photo taken from:

They are doing their best in searching for you, MH370.
Photo taken from:

And the last but not least, I hope media doesn’t simply rush to publish the unsure information about it with no real evidence which only giving more depression to those who are left by the people inside the plane..

Dear MH370,

The whole world is searching for you..

Your loved ones need you to come back… and we all care about you.. please hang on..

The World Through My Eyes

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo

Hello there,

This is my first writing on this website and let me introduce myself a little bit.. I am Puspita, a pure Indonesian, and I have been raised by the hands of a Queen and a King and yes they are my beautiful parents. All those times, well mostly, I had been feeling peaceful, safe and well protected. That’s like every single human being wishes to have. An ideal life. How lucky I am, rite? Until in my age of 19, I started to think what is it out there? How does it feel to be far away from home.. Far away from close friends that you have been knowing since you were kids.. Meeting new people.. Strangers to friends.. A cold unusual place to a home.. As a girl who has a kind of adventure soul, I need some excitements.. I get bored easily.. I get bored with routines.. I am not really into living a life that already can be predicted how it is gonna be..Then I decided to take my first move (yet not too far.. I know.. but still..) I moved to Kuala Lumpur pursuing my Bachelor Degree there.. Well, I ended up living there for 6 years, for studying and working too.

Moved back to my hometown after those years, I felt happy and glad to be home eventho it took time to recover since bunch of ups and downs memories, which I got mostly in KL, were still stuck in my heart for quite long time.. but still..I felt the warmth and loved back home since I was born and raised there. Surrounded by lovely parents and many friends and everything you name it, I had it there..

But guess what? In less than a year I started to miss my little own adventures..I started to ask myself “What’s next?” Spending the life with mostly for work, going to the malls, cafe, clubs, bars, visiting new restaurants and bars with the creative, brilliant and interesting interior designs, being consumptive because of the city social pressure, spending my time mostly get stuck in the traffic jam (you know how Jakarta is).. For me, I won’t learn anything else about life, because it’s like living in the same circle of activities day by day.. which will be years by years..

One time I sat, drank my favorite long island tea and I thought about it.. I don’t wanna spend my entire life here.. Well, at least not now.. Not when I am still having a huge curiosity about life.. Not when I still want to experience something more than this.. something different than this..

I have been learning a lot about life when I am far away from my comfort zone.. I need some excitement and a new exciting and unpredictable life.. There is a comfort in there that I can’t explain.. Then here I am until now.. on the Island of the Gods, Bali..

The values that I learn when I am far away from home; I became more open with others’ point of views. I felt like I had been living in a small bowl before that I thought that is the world. Apparently, it wasn’t just like that.. it wasn’t just as wide as the scope I had been living since I was a kid that shaped my mindset.

Something bigger than how you had been thinking so far is there.. You will start to understand others’ point of views, respect them more, respect the differences, understand more about why people react in some certain ways and so on..

As the philosopher in ancient times, Augustine of Hippo, said that those who do not travel, read only one page of the whole book, which is only the preface…

“The world is a…