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This was my weekend. What about yours?

Inner peace is what everyone craves to have

Inner peace is what everyone craves to have

3V Villa and Gym Center, Kerobokan, in my opinion, it is the best and the one which has the most complete facilities among all 3V in Bali. They have a nice swimming pool, options of yummy foods, and yes they have vegan menu as well!

The best thing is.. it’s only few steps away from my house. In the late afternoon, continued to go to Desa Seni Village & Resort, Canggu, an eco friendly resort designed with the antique wooden materials. This resort complex provides yoga activities too. They always have a free of charge Yoga Class every Sunday at 4pm-5pm. Unfortunately, I was late for the class but however I was still enjoying the tranquil ambience of the area which never fail to impress me.

They also have a small cute shop in the area which selling all the yoga products and also some lovely jewelries. What attract my attention the most is the little cute crystal healing bracelets which offer Crystal of protection which help to bring good luck and protection, Crystal of purity which represent pure heart which bring sincerity, calm, blessing and beauty, and so on.. Interesting.