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Using Facebook and Tripadvisor to Increase Hotel Revenue

As a hotelier myself.. I think this article will help..

Decorative Art for Hotels

Today, the majority of hotel bookings are, in some way, influenced by the hotel’s online presence and reputation. While this is standard knowledge, among the variety of online mediums, the most discussed tool for hotel success is social media. Every blog post, magazine article and website entry regarding hotel marketing strategies mentions social media.

Social Media Increase Hotel Revenue

Yet, to date, there is no evidence that using social media as a primary marketing tool increases hotel revenue. Therefore, the debate is whether to spend the amount of time and effort necessary to learn how to compete on these channels or to wait for evidence that this strategy is worth the trouble demonstrated by increased revenue. However, if hoteliers are prepared to commit to using these new marketing channels and integrate them into an overall marketing plan, the rewards will soon become evident.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels – Is it for Everyone?

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