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There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort – Jane Austen

Reminiscing my last trip to Jakarta, 4th – 10th of March 2014.. Visiting my parents, for my mom’s birthday, meeting my good old friends, visiting few new places.. 6 days of changes were good enough to refresh my mind..

But here is what happened behind that fun trip overall.. After I’ve got use to living alone most of the time since 2005, being totally independent, doing anything with the responsibilities all on my own, makes me a little bit difficult to had to stay with my parents again. Of course I do miss them so much but honestly some times it was just kinda irritating by being asked many stuff such as why I go out a lot with my friends (in fact I only went out with my friends for 2 times during my 6 days in Jakarta), why I didn’t spend all my time with my parents during my trip until being asked about my near future plans many times which left me nothing but high pressure and I have to face it no matter what..

I know I should be more understanding and more mature in facing it and actually yes I felt I was better in handling that situation compared to my previous visits. I keep imagining maybe one day if I had kids, I think I would do the same without I noticed it..Who knows.. As I realized that’s just because they really love you and worried so much about you without realizing it became the pressure for the kids..

At the end, I always keep in mind that parents, all over the world, only want what’s best for their kids and they work so hard for their children to reach their goals and dreams. And nobody loves you more than your parents do.. No matter how much your life partner loves you, nothing compared to parents’ love. It is true. And regardless how old you are, you will always be the kids on your parents’ eyes..

No matter how I love my life in Bali at the moment, I will keep visiting my parents regularly at least once a year. Yes we argue sometimes, especially I and my mom, but hey I think it is something normal as long we solve it and we are totally good after that. I think it only caused by the generation and culture gap but we know very well that we love each other.

During this trip, I was quite glad, since my dad became the commissioner in his company, he doesn’t need to go to the office everyday which makes him having more time to do his hobbies. His hobbies are pretty much unique. Last time he had lobster farms at home, then switched to created some mats by plants and now producing plants fertilizers.. What a unique family I have which I am really glad to have them as my parents.

Let me introduce you to my happy mom, my dad and my mermaid Ariel..

Let me introduce you to my happy mom, my dad and excuse me about my Ariel, the mermaid 😛

Completed family. Dad, Elder brother, mom and me back in 2010.

Meet the family. Dad, elder brother, Mom and me back in 2010.

Dad, Mom and me in 1993.

Dad, Mom and me in 1993.

Another picture of Dad, Mom and me, 17 years after the picture above :)

Another picture of Dad, Mom and me, 20 years after the picture above 🙂

On Friday night and Sunday afternoon I went out meeting with some close friends that I knew back in KL. We were pretty much knowing each other’s histories and now most of them are already back in Jakarta and working there.

Those were an exciting Friday night and a beautiful Sunday to meet all of them and I realize that we all have various directions of life and different fates now whereas couple of years ago we were all still the same..University students who lived in student apartments with the money pockets given by our parents to be spent smartly if we didn’t want to suffer at the end of the month. Haha..

Now, one is getting married in the middle of the year and is really happy, one has finally settled with a good boyfriend who is treating her well, ones are still searching for “the one”, one has already moved on from the ex, one is focusing so much on her career and doesn’t want to think about men at the moment, one is still worried with the religion issue with the boyfriend, one has chosen to be a strong single mom as it’s the best decision for her and I am really happy for having them 🙂

Good friends who are close in my heart.

Good friends who are close in my heart.

6 days seemed too short but it was already good enough since I also couldn’t leave my office longer than that.. Now I am glad for being back in Bali but honestly I still miss my parents and it is a normal feeling I guess..


There is nothin…

Man-Made Specials, My Bali Exploration

Lovely Asian Meals Offered Between the Lovely Paddy Field

Pamper Your Eyes by Seeing the Beauty of Paddy Field Whilst Having the Lovely Asian Foods – Thai Tom Yum, Malaysian Curries, Seafoods and Many More..


So here it is.. the place that can makes you relax whilst enjoying the scenery of fresh and green rice field and listening to some jazz & chill-out music offered by Warung HOtei. Located in Kerobokan, Bali, it is one of the simple and beautiful restaurants which worth a try.

They open from breakfast until dinner and offer the variety of Asian foods- Malaysian laksa, Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai tom yum goong, seafood, fried rice, etc until sandwiches, fresh salads, grilled beef and many more. You can go there not only for the foods but also for the tea time or having some coffee for your peaceful late afternoon..

You should try their desserts as well. My recommendation is their HOtei Toblerone Cheese Cake. It’s so delicious! And also, another positive comment that I would give for this restaurant is the service. Those fast response people over there always ready to assist you when you need anything. That’s always my main consideration in reviewing restaurants or thinking to come back to one restaurant. The service is number one. As I mentioned before in my previous blog, no matter how great the restaurant is, if the service is poor, I definitely won’t come back..

I came to this restaurant some times with friends, boyfriend or even alone with my laptop when I need to do some works! With the fast internet connection and cozy atmosphere, it helps me a lot to focus doing my work. This is the type of small restaurant which make me feel really homie and I am sure you will love it as well..

The daily promotion which keeps changing.

The daily promotion which keeps changing 🙂

The back seats overlooking the rice paddy.

The outdoor back seats overlooking the rice paddy.

The umbrellas are there to protect you from the sun.

The umbrellas are there to protect you from the sun.

My fave seats in the afternoon.

My fave seats in the afternoon.

Simple, cozy and homie.

Simple, cozy and homie.


It’s been a week since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been vanished with 239 people on board..

Honestly, I still can’t get it off my mind until today as there are no official words yet to confirm where actually it is and it’s such a mystery until now..

Some sources said it could be terrorism, sabotage, hijacking, pilot error or accident with no real prove yet..

I personally think it could have been hijacked. As I read in some sources, aviation experts said that the aircraft model Boeing 777-200 is an advanced aircraft which is impossible to just lose communication and disappear without giving time for the pilot to send emergency signals to Subang control power.

Another theory, which supports what I though, is the pilot might switched off all the communication systems then flew the plane at a low altitude to avoid detection by the radar. The chosen flight time was in the midnight where the darkness would slow down any quick response to mount a search and rescue operation. *makes sense, isn’t it? but why? he was forced to do that or something?*

It might landed somewhere OR ELSE all functions had failed after that, which might caused the accident somewhere in the ocean? It’s also possible but we still don’t know the truth.. and the hope is still there..

But when I read one article about some facts about the plane it mentioned that hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply disappear from the radar as the ground radar, called passive radar, can still track the location of the aircraft. Is it true? Somehow, I still assume it has been hijacked.

Then, I was wondering about another possibility as well, such as, is there any personal issue between the Pilots themselves and the other party? Until today, some sources that I read -to answer my wonder- mentioned that the Police have said they are looking at the Pilots psychological background, their family life and connections as a line into what happened to the flight and there is no evidence which is linking them to any wrong doing.

Strange, isn’t it?

For now, the world is still doing their best in searching for you, MH370.. Hang on.. With this blog, I hope all the family, the life partners and the good friends of those in the plane are given the strength to face this and keep praying. Sometimes, miracle does exist 🙂

They are doing their best in searching for you, MH370. *Photo taken from:

They are doing their best in searching for you, MH370.
Photo taken from:

And the last but not least, I hope media doesn’t simply rush to publish the unsure information about it with no real evidence which only giving more depression to those who are left by the people inside the plane..

Dear MH370,

The whole world is searching for you..

Your loved ones need you to come back… and we all care about you.. please hang on..

Man-Made Specials, My Bali Exploration

Spotted An Impressive Vintage Shop on the Island

“Looks kinda un-interesting from the outsite but I knew there is something about this place..”

photo 1(1)

To those who consider themselves as art appreciators, they might find this post very informative. Look what I found about a week ago, a super awesome vintage shop which sell the items from the 1940’s.

The shop which look unattractive from the outside, makes some people most of the time just simply pass by the main road without noticing there is such a precious thing in town, unless to those who knew this place from words of mouth of course..

Once you step on and go inside this shop, it is actually quite spacious with so many antiques from  Java, Dutch (as Indonesia had been colonized by Dutch for 350 years back then), England and also Bali which able to bring you the feeling of how it feels living back in the 1940’s.

Planning to travel?

Planning to travel?

Can you imagine they have the old school salon seats, the dentist seat, unique looking lamps, old school radio, telephones, sewing machines, typing machines, old styled luggage which became fashion trends again, until the scales and various of cute little cups. Since it’s all the real antiques, I don’t think you have to worry about copycats as it won’t be found easily anywhere else.

Back then I think they didn't have to worry so much when the electricity went off all sudden.

Back then I think they didn’t have to worry so much when the electricity suddenly went off.

This scale reminds me alot of my grandmother's shop and my happy childhood back then.

This scale reminds me a lot of my grandmother’s shop and my happy childhood back in the 1990’s.

Don’t you think it’s very interesting to find some uncommon places like this? Especially those who seek the ideas of building restaurants, hotels, etc. In order to atrract people to come to your business, you have to be different and crazy, agree?

All the stunning unique looking lights.

All the stunning unique looking lights.

Who needs some hair treatments?

Who needs some hair treatments?

Feel like checking your teeth's condition?

Feel like checking your teeth’s condition?

photo 5(2)

photo (1)

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful?

Island Outfit

Find and express yourself by getting lost in the paradise on earth!

The chic outfit which is not too much for your beaching time!


Living an island life, apart from the office outfit to go for work, is pretty much simple. Such as for the ladies, you get your pretty slippers on, little simple dresses, put the shorts and the tank top on, then smile and yes you are accepted everywhere! For me personally, for the daily life, I always don’t wanna look too much but at the same time I try not to look too plain as well.

There are many casual stylish boutiques around Bali but for some reasons I am so in love with the boutique called Lost in Paradise which spreads around Seminyak and Legian. They offer some vintage style, classic, retro, casual stylish and it’s always up to date! The clothes are mostly made by the real cotton which is very comfy to wear for both men and women. They offer various kind of tops, shorts, long pants, bags, cute accessories and fashionable sunglasses as well. Even what they offer is mostly casual, but they also have the collection of some formal outfits, depends on the occassion that you are going to attend! I bought some of their collection and all of them are quite last for long! It’s really worth the money with such quality.

The price range starts from around IDR 300,000 and above. It is not cheap yet not too expensive either. This shop is definitely worth it to be added into your list when you are in Bali! Are you ready to explore some beaches with the charming look? or planning to go to a beach party tonite? Here is the answer before you go..

Various of chic outfit that you can find.

Various of chic outfit.

Stylish men outfit.

Stylish men outfit.

Some ladies accessories that they offer.

Some ladies accessories that they offer.

Options of sunglasses depend on your personality.

Options of sunglasses depend on your personality.

What they put on the wall.

What they put on the wall.

Their attractive vintage lights that catch my attention!

Their attractive vintage lights that catch my attention!

Their logo to let you know that the perfect summer is here!

Their logo to let you know that the perfect summer is here!

photo 5

All is here!