Man-Made Specials, My Bali Exploration

Your Tummy’s Saviour Anytime You Need

Ok, some of you might ask.. why SOHO while plenty of chic restaurants are around the area. Especially it is situated only few steps away from the famous Ultimo, Rumours, the delicious Greek resto Mykonos and many more. Why do I put SOHO first among the more interesting places around it?

photo (5)

Before you ask me more questions, let me ask you few questions first..How many times did you suddenly feel hungry in the middle of the night and unfortunately most of the restaurants especially around Seminyak area were already closed? I know there are plenty of restaurants around Kuta that are open until really late.. but some of you might think it’s too much hustle with its random crowds especially in the middle of the night -You might think differently but well, as a person who would rather be in a quite place *maybe because I am already living here*, I choose not to go around the crowded and packed places like Kuta or Legian unless meeting up with some friends who visit Bali or there is important thing to do there.

Another question is, have you ever checked out your kitchen and you found nothing? most probably sometimes you are too busy to get some ingredients to cook or forget to buy some foods to be kept. How many times did it happen?

Or maybe very early in the morning you got to go for work or for a meeting which demand you to arrive earlier than usual? While the only ones that already open is mini market express or 24h junkfood places? And sometimes not enough for you to only have a bread, fried stuff and a cup of coffee?

Well, I am not sure about you but that what happened to me for several of time. Got hungry, couldn’t sleep, instant noodles that are left won’t satistify me, very early proper breakfast in need.

So this is the answer why I am writing about SOHO. The 24 Hours Diner which will keep opening until the last day of your life! lol *except on the Balinese Silence Day* Not only that, but also their delicious foods! Options of fresh salads, burgers, pastas, Indonesians and many more. The service is two thumbs up..You will see many smiley faces here! And they bring the foods and drinks really fast!

When you are there, you should try their Long Island Iced Tea. I am telling you the one that they have is amazing too. Just don’t forget to say “strong one” so there you go.. A perfect taste of Long Island Iced Tea which won’t leave you hangover with the bad feeling on the following day.

Besides that, have you ever heard about Bloody Mary? Yes, the unique taste of cocktail originally from Paris which consists of vodka, tomato, carrot, tabasco, salt and pepper! They have it too and if you think yourself is an adventurous one, you should try it for a change!

So now you know why I picked SOHO 24H Diner rite? ‘coz the opening hour is totally fulfill your needs and the options of the food are also not bad at all! So, enjoy..

A Beef Burger with some beers.

A Beef Burger with some beers.

The Spaghetti Meatballs with a Papaya Juice.

The Spaghetti Meatballs with a Papaya Juice.

They will keep their promise,

They will keep their promise, 24H the whole year round.


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