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I believe most of you have already known what is happening in Bali’s western shore. For these couple of weeks, monsoonal rains swept back the rubbish (especially indestructible plastic bags) to Bali’s iconic beautiful shores. It is caused by millions of waste thrown illegally by locals and tourists into Bali’s creeks which flow to the ocean. And it is getting worse year by year in rainy season.

Bali’s Governor takes it normally as a natural phenomenon that occurs in Bali every year, which is absolving anyone from guilt. And now, the environmental activists and campaigners have persisted a promise to ban plastic bags on the island if the petition successfully raise its target. The campaign in reduction the plastic usage needs to be taken seriously and aggresively.

This is what I saw last 2 weeks in Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu.

This is what I saw last 2 weeks in Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu.

The Good News Is..

If you notice, the total plastic bags usage is very huge in Indonesia. The supermarkets in Indonesia, mostly the leading ones, have already participated in the campaign which giving plastic groceries to the customers with the description “It can be destroyed by itself” with the type of plastic bag named Oxium. It will decompose by itself after 2 years instead of tousand years.

And also in some cosmetic & beauty shops, restaurants and cafe have started using recycle paper bags. I hope it will continue and spread wider everywhere..

Let’s hope things will be better in the near future. This case really seems have been spreading, awaken the people around and the action has been taken. Even 2 days ago I went to buy some groceries in a mini market nearby my house called Pepito. I was glad that I received the stuff with the destructible plastic bag sign on it. Another example is the spunbond material bag that I received when I bought a bikini from Ripcurl. Now can you imagine if every single shop in Bali using these kind of bags? Either it’s made of oxium plastic, cotton or spunbond..

BIASA Art Space also produced some groceries bags made by cottons written “Stop Using Plastic” and put the plastic bottle on the bag as a decoration. Creative and brilliant, isn’t it?

Let’s bring back Bali beauty, like the old times, together…

Interesting groceries bags by BIASA Art Space

Interesting groceries bags by BIASA Art Space

A prove that plactic bag's case has been taken care seriously.

A prove that indestructible plactic bag’s case has been started to be taken care seriously everywhere.

Environmental friendly spunbond bag by Ripcurl.

Environmental friendly spunbond bag by Ripcurl.



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