Man-Made Specials, My Bali Exploration

The Essence of True Hospitality

photo 1(1)

“Eat Fresh Live Well” are the words that you will see once you step your feet on this lovely Watercress Bali . As the motto that is shown above, you can imagine what kind of the food & beverages they offer. Owned by a French guy who grew up in Australia, Watercress provides a simple and comfy restaurant & cafe with the casual ambience that will make you wanna stay for the whole day. At the dinner time, they transform to be a semi fine-dining restaurant athmosphere with some delectable dinner menu offered that you shouldn’t miss as well.

Situated in peaceful place, Batu Belig Seminyak, Watercress is a perfect place for you to have either a coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Accompanied by the chillin’ songs like Just Breath by Telepopmusic, Porcelain by Moby, Sheryl Crow’s songs collection, my favorite song Hold On We’re Going Home by Drake and so on.. It will make you feel like there is no need to use the earphone to listen to your own songs while doing some of your works here!

They offer various kind of salads, croissant, sandwiches, vegan menu, Indonesians, some grilled meats and seafood, burger options, plenty of interesting mixed healthy juices, smoothies, latte and many more that you don’t want to miss..

My biggest highlight, besides the ambience, in this restaurant is the service. Just amazing! The people are friendly, from the owner to all the staff.. The waitresses are always stand by for you whenever you need anything.. For me personally, let’s say, even if I was in the most fancy restaurant but if the service is poor, it will make me totally off and will never come back. But here..the service is fantastic. I believe you will love it too..

photo 3(1)

With its semi-open style area overlooking the lush garden at the back, it makes me really in love with the atmosphere.. I went there some times either for the breakfast or just hanging out and enjoying their latte.. And yes, it is also a perfect place for me whenever I need some inspiration in doing my writing works.. (as a PR practitioner in the company, 65% of my work is all about writing).

photo 3photo (3)

Yes! Here is my favorite seat, in the corner right next to the window overlooking the lush green garden.. Sit and feel the breeze from the outside.. Simply perfect!

photo 1photo 2(1)

And..this what happens when Love is in the Air is getting dull 😀


This is another words that I love as well over here.. For a person who loves some adventures like me, yes I need some excitement by going to new places from time to time..

photo 2

So, tempted to try Watercress? I bet you are 🙂


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