My Bali Exploration, Nature Specials

The Magnificence of Eastern Bali!

“Hiking is Like Weight Loss, It’s Hard to Get Started & It’s Bumpy Along the Way. But Once You Reach the Top, You’ll Never Regret the Journey.” – Unknown


Believe it or not, that was the first time I went for a real trekking/ hiking! One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, especially seeing all this mind blowing view for real in my own eyes..

But behind that, ok here is the story.. so it was my first few days after joining my current company. One of the resorts we manage is in Candidasa area, The Nirwana Resort & Spa. One time on Saturday I and my superior went there. At the beginning, we only planned to stay there for a day and come back on the evening. Great, as I had already had a plan at night to go out with my boyfriend and his friends.

Then our prior GM also came to the resort and told us that he booked the trekking activity on Sunday morning (the following day) for 3 of us. I was like “man.. this is it.. we will stay here in Candidasa until tomorrow. forget about another plan..” well what can I say.. As a person who is not really into trekking/ hiking at all and anything related to walking too far, it’s gonna be so hard for me. But I don’t think it’s polite to tell my prior GM that I am not joining.. hehe. So, I was like “Let’s Do This!”

*If he sees this blog, Hi Wayne! :)*

The next day, we got up at 4.15am in the morning, got ready and went to the starting point¬†with the purpose to be on top of the mountain on time when the sun rises.. The distance was quite close from the Resort to the starting point. It was me, my DOSM, my prior GM and the Villa Manager who went there. Everyone had already awake in the car *how come they managed to do that at around 4.30ish am?* and I was the only one who continued my sleep in the car. I just could’t help it. LOL! Zzz..

We started climbing at around 5am I think.. The first 15 minutes climbing the stairs were so damn hard. I’m telling you. Or maybe because I just don’t get use to it. Another 30 min even harder for me. Then I stopped and sat for a little bit while everyone kept climbing the stairs. The Villa Mgr, Pak Wirnata came to me and he was like.. “Come on.. once you are on top, it’s all paid back”

Ok keep the spirit up Pita, I was telling myself and then we kept going up..

About 5.50am, finally we reached the top! About 1h climbing in total then the result was WOW..Speechless! I was feeling blessed and eternally grateful.. It was totally fascinating! And the good thing is we were faster than the sun.. haha..DSC02865

And… Here comes the sun.. Hello! We were faster than you this time ūüôāDSC02875

Here are the troops! Don’t worry, they won’t do anything as long you don’t disturb them and don’t come close to them. And one more thing, do not make any eye contact with them. They will take it as you challenge them. True story.DSC02870DSC02869

The journey still continued.. Another stunning panorama which was too good to be true!DSC02892DSC02891

Look at that! The iconic Mount Agung with the 3,142 metres height above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Bali and the fifth highest volcano in the whole Indonesia for real in my eyes!


So here is the temple that I saw when we were on the way back down to the ground. Let me tell you a little bit about Balinese’s belief. It called Tri Hita Karana. A¬†Hindu religion concept practiced by Balinese which means three of the harmony and balance between human to God, human to human and human to environment. It creates physical and spiritual prosperity. This concept has been applied since centuries ago by Balinese.

So, that’s it. They journey ended. We got back to the resort to shower and had the breakfast! The hiking point was not too far from the resort.¬†Take my¬†advice when you go trekking/ hiking, make sure you wear the proper hiking shoes. A running shoes at least, should be good. That’s the most important thing! Mine was the street shoes with the flat¬†based. That’s why I got slip a lot on the way back to the ground! lol. I fell down about 3 times but it was fun! The last but not least, don’t forget your camera *I am 100% sure you want to recall this wonderful moment in some physical evidences, not only in your mind* and your sunscreen too! Happy hiking, beautiful people around the world!

From Bali with Love!


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