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About 400m Away from Old Man’s Beach and Here You Are!

“Been passing by this place a lot when going surfing in Old Man’s and fell in love with its comfort..”

photo (2)

Yes as you are able to see the name, it is Roti Canai Street Kitchen & Dining Room. Located in the peaceful Canggu, the same way to go to Batu Bolong Beach/ Old Man’s. They offers delicious skewers, all kind of delectable canai (reminds me of KL so much) and various kind of Teh Tarik (the Malaysian term for milk tea). There is a surf shop above it as well called Flow & Yonder. Overall, this place is definitely worth for a visit!DSC03279DSC03280photo 4photo 5

And a few step upstairs, here is Flow & Yonder. A surf shop which offers some cute and nice stuff that you might don’t find that easy around Bali, such as few brands of bikinis and accessories made by some expat designers who live in 1

And also … I found one of my favorite quotes here by Jonatan Mårtenssonphoto (1)

I always apply the quote above into my personal life, sometimes there are circumstances that don’t go our way and we can’t change it but we can always adapt & live with it and choose to be happy. That is why, some people think I am living a good life since they always see me happy.. But hey, sit for a bit and think about it, I am not living a dream life, it is just simply my decision.. I choose happiness over sorrow and I hope you doin’ the same 🙂

photo 2canggu

Look at this view! Stunning, isn’t it? Very calm and peaceful. And Yes, the scooter is mine! You have no idea how long it took me to finally able to ride a scooter. Over 5 months I think.. Brought my car all the way from Jakarta to here ‘coz I was hopeless that time about riding a bike.. but since then.. I prefer to go anywhere by this scooter.. Feeling scared riding it? Not at all! ‘Coz this is how we roll in Bali!


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