Man-Made Specials, My Bali Exploration

A Piece of Paradise on Top of the Cliff on Bali’s Southern Shore

“Feel the breeze from the ocean on your skin while enjoying the stunning golden sunset by the cliff, holding the cocktail in your hand whilst watching surfers catching their last waves”

photo 1

Those are the first things which come up on my mind whenever I imagine about one of my most favorite places in Bali, Single Fin, Uluwatu!♡

Situated in the incredible location, more than you could ever imagine, right on one of the best Bali cliffs with unobstructed view overlooking the Indian Ocean and the view of the surfers catching some waves from far away. This place is perfect for all the nature lover around the globe! And oh yea, you can surf down there also on Blue Point beach if you consider yourself as a pro surfer. The waves will be perfect for you. But if you are not, I don’t suggest you to surf there at all!

*For the beginner surfer like me, no worries, I will show you some beaches with the friendly waves around Bali in my next blogs! Just be patient 🙂 *

Belongs to an Aussie pro surfer and a Norwegian graphic designer, Single Fin Uluwatu offers a restaurant, cafe, bar and a cool surf shop (they also have the shop in Seminyak too).

If you are in the chilling mood, you should go there on Wednesday. Every Wednesday they have a stunning unplugged performance from sunset til 10pm. And when you are in a party mood, you should come to their Sunday session, for live music and DJ performance from sunset til late.

Check out the magical feeling of Single Fin on the lower ground (another DJ deck with another dance floor), the outdoor area overlooking the stunning Indian Ocean! That area is my favorite one and I think you are going to love it also!

In some occasions, they also open the small gate which connected to the swimming pool of Blue Point Bay Villas and there you go..A pool party with full of exhilaration and fun!

The great thing based on my opinion is, when you visit Single Fin, you don’t have to worry so much about how you look.. Even tho you are totally out of make up, only wearing slippers, short pants and any kind of top..It totally doesn’t matter ‘coz nobody cares anyways! And I think everyone on earth, whoever they are, will look good anyways when they all are happy, aren’t they? Having some drinks, bunch of fun with some lovely friends in this stunning little place is definitely all I need and I believe you will love it too!

photophoto (2)photo 5single fin882219_10151747419967067_734604382_o


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