The World Through My Eyes

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo

Hello there,

This is my first writing on this website and let me introduce myself a little bit.. I am Puspita, a pure Indonesian, and I have been raised by the hands of a Queen and a King and yes they are my beautiful parents. All those times, well mostly, I had been feeling peaceful, safe and well protected. That’s like every single human being wishes to have. An ideal life. How lucky I am, rite? Until in my age of 19, I started to think what is it out there? How does it feel to be far away from home.. Far away from close friends that you have been knowing since you were kids.. Meeting new people.. Strangers to friends.. A cold unusual place to a home.. As a girl who has a kind of adventure soul, I need some excitements.. I get bored easily.. I get bored with routines.. I am not really into living a life that already can be predicted how it is gonna be..Then I decided to take my first move (yet not too far.. I know.. but still..) I moved to Kuala Lumpur pursuing my Bachelor Degree there.. Well, I ended up living there for 6 years, for studying and working too.

Moved back to my hometown after those years, I felt happy and glad to be home eventho it took time to recover since bunch of ups and downs memories, which I got mostly in KL, were still stuck in my heart for quite long time.. but still..I felt the warmth and loved back home since I was born and raised there. Surrounded by lovely parents and many friends and everything you name it, I had it there..

But guess what? In less than a year I started to miss my little own adventures..I started to ask myself “What’s next?” Spending the life with mostly for work, going to the malls, cafe, clubs, bars, visiting new restaurants and bars with the creative, brilliant and interesting interior designs, being consumptive because of the city social pressure, spending my time mostly get stuck in the traffic jam (you know how Jakarta is).. For me, I won’t learn anything else about life, because it’s like living in the same circle of activities day by day.. which will be years by years..

One time I sat, drank my favorite long island tea and I thought about it.. I don’t wanna spend my entire life here.. Well, at least not now.. Not when I am still having a huge curiosity about life.. Not when I still want to experience something more than this.. something different than this..

I have been learning a lot about life when I am far away from my comfort zone.. I need some excitement and a new exciting and unpredictable life.. There is a comfort in there that I can’t explain.. Then here I am until now.. on the Island of the Gods, Bali..

The values that I learn when I am far away from home; I became more open with others’ point of views. I felt like I had been living in a small bowl before that I thought that is the world. Apparently, it wasn’t just like that.. it wasn’t just as wide as the scope I had been living since I was a kid that shaped my mindset.

Something bigger than how you had been thinking so far is there.. You will start to understand others’ point of views, respect them more, respect the differences, understand more about why people react in some certain ways and so on..

As the philosopher in ancient times, Augustine of Hippo, said that those who do not travel, read only one page of the whole book, which is only the preface…


“The world is a…


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